The magic contact lenses that correct your short-sightedness while you sleep.

Ortho-Keratology (Ortho K) is the only non-surgical way to allow clear corrected vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses throughout the day.  It involves wearing a custom-made contact lens at night while you sleep to gently reshape the cornea.  On waking, the lenses are removed and the eye remains in this corrected shape to enable you to see clearly throughout the day. 

The most effective treatment is for myopia (short sightedness) with a specific benefit in children, as it is shown to slow down or halt the progression of the myopia. 

The process of fitting these custom-made lenses is initially quite intensive and will last for six months.  After this, patients are recommended to have an annual eye exam with us.  To begin we start with a full eye examination which includes specific mapping of the cornea and checks their suitability for Ortho K.  Assuming your eyes are suitable, a custom lens is made and you will be fitted with them to wear overnight.  The following morning the effect on your eyes will be assessed.  With most people 70% of the reshaping is obtained during the first week, and 100% within 21 days.  It may be necessary to make some alterations throughout the process hence the need for regular checks during the fitting process.  To ensure clear vision during the day the lenses must be worn each night to maintain the cornea in its correct shape. 

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