What is an Optometrist?

August 2021
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An optometrist is someone you go to see when you need glasses, right? Actually, there’s a bit more than that!

Did you know, an optometrist is actually a fully-qualified medical professional who had to undergo 5 years of training?

An optometrist is the primary health care professional for the eyes. They are the first people you should contact if you have any concerns about your vision or your eye health. An optometrist should be an integral part of your health care team, alongside your GP, dentist, and any other specialist medical advisors you may use to safeguard your health.

So what else do optometrists do apart from glasses? It is the role of an optometrist to examine, diagnose, treat, and manage eye disease, injuries, and disorders of the complete visual system as well as identify related systemic conditions affecting the eye. If required, an optometrist will prescribe optical correction such as glasses or contact lenses to correct any visual difficulties.

We are pleased to have two of our optometrists, Martina Fellmann and Kevin Liang, fully trained as Therapeutically Qualified optometrists, which means they can prescribe medications for glaucoma, infections, itchy eyes from hayfever, conjunctivitis or other eye-related problems.

Sarah Lang, another one of our fantastic optometrists, is working towards becoming qualified in Behavioural Optometry.

With such a variety of skills amongst our optometrists, you’re sure to receive the best possible eye care.

All of our optometrists complete Certified Professional Development every year to ensure they are up to date with technology and health changes to give you the best eye care possible.


Martina Fellmann

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