The Importance of Frame-Fitting for Children

Correct frame fitting is paramount for all spectacle wearers but especially children.

80% of children’s learning is done visually, that is huge!

That being the case, why would you, as a parent or caregiver, invest in a poorly fitted pair of spectacles for your child?!

Size is very important. Glasses must fit well so that they are comfortable and provide clear vision. If uncomfortable, the child may be reluctant to wear spectacles. Children should not be given adult frames to grow into. Every child has a unique face and frames should be chosen to fit appropriately. One size does not fit all. Remember that your child will spend most waking hours wearing his or her glasses. Quality frames will not only hold their shape better and last longer but will be more comfortable for your child. The frame will be adjusted as needed for comfort and alignment on your child’s face.

Here are some guidelines when looking at frames for your child:

  1. The child should be looking through the centre of the lenses at all times. If the frame slips forward there is a risk the child will be looking over the top of the specs and not benefitting from the correction.
  2. The temple width should not quite fit flush in front of the child’s ears, there should be a very small gap.
  3. If the temples have spring temples, they should not be extended at all, at the time of purchase.
  4. The Dispensing Optician will fully fit the frame for your child, this will include nosepad adjustment, temple length of bend and temple width.

My favourite trick is to get the child to jump around after fitting, the frame should stay where it is; there should only be very minimal movement.

No excuses – the best frame fit will give your child the best vision and comfort.

Don’t forget all frames need regular maintenance, especially children who are living life to the fullest! If we can help, on any level, call in and talk to us. We are here to help and having children in the practice is always great!


Vanessa Cumming

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