Sun Glasses

At Canon Street Optometrists, we carry a collection of the latest designer and prescription sunglasses for men and women. It is never too late to begin protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses provide UV protection not just to the eye but to the delicate eyelids and skin around the eyes.

To protect your eyes wear good quality sunglasses even on cloudy days and in winter months. At Canon Street Optometrists, quality is our number one priority, from the products we sell to the customer service we provide. Our sunglasses range not only have superior lenses and glasses frames, they look amazing!

We source our designer sunglasses from global fashion brands including sunglasses created by Serengeti, Oakley, Bolle, Adidas, Oroton, Morrissey, and Barkers. If you are passing come on in and talk to our team for a sunglass fitting that is perfect for you!

Maui Jim

At Maui Jim they are committed to turning every encounter into an enjoyable experience. Their customers are considered a deeply valued part of the ‘ohana (family), and they want to feel like family from each initial interaction. Staying true to their Hawaiian roots, they promise that you will always be welcomed with a warm smile and directed to the help of a dedicated representative. This is the Spirit of Aloha—a way of life that radiates charm, warmth, and sincerity of heart.

Oakley – Sunglasses

Oakley® prescription eyeglasses are engineered with premium performance materials, innovative technologies and iconic designs.

Live your passions with Oakley.



Serengeti was born in 1982, after more than 100 years of research and innovation, with the objective of providing the best protection and the clearest vision as well as outstanding comfort. Since the beginning of its creation, this strong and iconic brand has created powerful, timeless and incredible products to highlight its innovation and performance.