Student Package

We think you’ve got enough to think about when you’re studying, which is why we’re excited to offer students a pretty sweet deal!

Simply choose a frame from the Oliver Wolfe or Bill Bass range, and we’ll fit your new frame with the appropriate prescription Dynamic Sync lenses – you’re basically getting your frame for free*!

Did you know that the way we look at the world and use our eyes has changed over time? We used to spend most of our time looking at far and intermediate distances. Today we primarily focus on near objects such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices and books. Most of us don’t realise the harmful effect this shift has on our eyes and vision.

Nearly 60% of us are looking at digital screens for 5+ hours per day and it’s taking its toll on our eyes, causing eye fatigue and digital eye strain. Symptoms can include tired eyes, blurred vision, headache and dry eyes. You may even experience neck or back pain, through stress placed on your cervical spine, if you’re spending long periods bent forward looking at a screen.
Spending a large amount of time looking at digital screens (or any near object) means our eyes are constantly exerting more effort to focus. Put simply, our eyes are working harder, causing strain.

Luckily for you and your eyes, we’re able to offer you the best lenses possible to assist with reducing eye fatigue and digital eye strain.

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*See in store for full terms and conditions.