Sensity is HOYA’s latest innovation in photochromic lenses that provides unparalleled performance and outstanding user comfort. Throughout the day, people face different light conditions that demand a different solution – from light to dark; indoors to outdoors; sunny to cloudy.

Sensity lenses with Stabilight Technology™ swiftly darken to a sun lens outdoors, and revert faster than before to full clarity indoors. Tested across different climates, regions, altitudes and temperatures, Sensity lenses provide consistent light-reactive performance. So whatever the day looks like, you will always have a convenient solution in one pair of glasses.




  • Give you comfortable vision in all light conditions
  • Perform consistently in all climates, seasons and circumstances
  • Darken swiftly to sunglasses outdoors
  • Fade quickly back to full clarity indoors
  • Provide 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B rays
  • Are available in three stylish colours: brown, grey and green
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