Are you blinded by glare?

Glare and reflecting sunlight can impair or block your vision in everyday activities. Regular tinted lenses reduce the amount of visible light, however they do little to eliminate glare. HOYA NuPolar Premium Polarised sunglasses can cover virtually any prescription and are suited for everyone.
Whether you lead a busy outdoor life or enjoy a casual read in the backyard, HOYA NuPolar are the prescription sunglasses for you.

Benefits of HOYA NuPolar Prescription sunglasses:

  • Improves vision by blocking ‘blinding glare’
  • Less squinting enhances all-day comfort
  • Better visibility and safety whilst driving, resulting in less eye fatigue
  • Protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays – 100%
  • Available in a range of three colours – Grey, Green and Brown
  • Double-Sided Super Hard scratch-resistant coating is standard
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