HOYA produces some of the most sophisticated and innovative lens technologies in the world. We have a wide variety of multi-focal lenses available that are personalised, customised and optimised to suit everyone’s individual lifestyles.

Tailored to you

It’s not about seeing something, it’s about seeing everything. The state-of-the-art Hoyalux iD multifocal lenses provide clear and natural vision in all directions, wide distortion-free fields of view, and smooth transitions between the reading and distance viewing areas.

Profile and Lifestyle

Hoyalux iD multifocal lenses are offered in a wide range of designs to suit each individual’s visual needs and requirements. Lifestyle is one of the most important indicators for your eye care professional when it comes to selecting the suitable Hoyalux iD lens design for you.

HOYA recognises no two people see the world the same way and has developed award-winning technology that takes into consideration your previous experience with multifocal lenses, the time you spend indoors or outdoors, and your daily activities, which allows us to fully personalise and tailor-make a lens design specific to you.

Lightweight and durable

Your Hoyalux iD multifocal lenses incorporate HOYA’s latest design insights and cutting-edge technologies. They are made from a lightweight, durable material and finished with a premium anti-reflection coating, for superb scratch resistance and easy cleaning.


• Sharp and focused vision
• Tailored to suit your personal lifestyle and preferences
• Precisely calculated for your frame choice
• Excellent depth of vision and effortless focusing
• Superior image stability

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