High Index Lenses

HOYA Nulux
Nulux provides a simple and elegant upgrade from conventional spherical lenses. Nulux lenses are thinner, lighter, and flatter. Nulux lenses provide improved optics and superior aesthetics making wearers eyes look natural.

HOYA’s family of Nulux lenses are available in a wide array of lens materials from standard plastic to ultra-thin high index materials, combined with HOYA’s best scratch-resistant and anti-reflection coatings.

Countless innovations have allowed the Single Vision design to be perfected.

For instance, aspheric lenses (Nulux design) provide a thinner lens with a larger, distortion-free field of vision, whilst double aspheric lenses (Nulux EP design) guarantee focused vision over their entire surface of the lens in all directions.

HOYA’s Free-Form design approach is based on the understanding that no two eyes are the same. Their patented Integrated Double Surface Design (IDSD) technology maps the specific rotation of each eye.

Conventional single vision lenses use a spherical front surface, meaning the curvature is constant across the front. For low power prescriptions this design produces acceptable visual quality. But as the magnitude of power increases, distortions appear, particularly at the edges of the lens.

Aspheric lenses are designed to neutralise such distortions, with curvatures on the front of the lens changing from centre to edge. But up until now, aspheric designs have been based on theoretical optical design, with little consideration for how the eye actually moves. HOYA’s Nulux EP is the first aspheric design to account for actual physiological functions like eye movement, as well as the first to incorporate the prescription into both sides of the lens.

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