Albert I’mStein

This emerging eyewear brand originates from Poland and is manufactured using high-quality materials in Korea. Their designs feature original shapes with great colour combinations. By mixing the main elements of acetate and titanium, Albert I’mStein has managed to produce some truly fresh and stylish pieces.

One of the things we love most about Albert I’mStein is their willingness to flirt with colours that very few eyewear brands would dare to mix together. But they blend so well and provide the wearer with bold statement eyewear that definitely stands out from the crowd. Each and every piece in their collection is fun and unique.

Albert I’mStein wants their customers to feel bold, unique, and confident when wearing their eyeglasses. They describe their collections as witty and fun, and we couldn’t agree more. To some, their collection may sit on the fringes of outrageous, but the experience of wearing their eyewear is nothing but joyful.

Albert I'mStein
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