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June 2017
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The world of optometry is constantly evolving, and therefore to keep up with the changes, the design and construction of frames is, too.

Here at Canon Street Optometrists we are continuously sourcing our customers the best quality and stylishly designed eyewear from all around the world.

Our most recent acquisition of chic frames is from l.a. Eyeworks. Born from two best friends in Los Angeles, this range of frames has been worn by celebrities, performers, artists and athletes alike, l.a. Eyeworks are intended to make the wearer stand out and conform to no fashion sensibility but their own.

Check out some of the amazing l.a. Eyeworks range, or come in store to give them a test drive.


Vanessa Cumming

It’s always handy to have a centralised place to find out all the latest updates and have your burning questions answered. We think this blog section should do the trick!

In our blogs, we’ll make sure you can readily navigate your way through the topics of interest, keep up to date with the latest happenings within the practice and in the diverse world of optometry.
If you think there’s a topic we may not have gotten to yet, please leave us a suggestion in the comments section.

Otherwise, sit back, put your feet up, grab a cuppa and delve into your favourite blog.



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