Looking After Your Glasses

So, you’ve got your stunning new pair of glasses. You’re seeing clearly. You may even be enjoying matching your nail colour and accessories to your new frame (trust us, if you haven’t already tried this, it’s a must!).

Then the inevitable happens. A smudge on your lenses. Perhaps a bit of makeup on your frame. Don’t despair, we have a simple guide to maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your frame and lenses!

First things first – our number one suggestion for your glasses – ON YOUR FACE OR IN THEIR CASE

When you’re taking your glasses off, always ensure you use two hands. Then they go straight into their case. Never put your glasses face down on any surface, or leave them on a seat or the dashboard of a car. Or in chewing reach of your dog.

Here are our recommended steps for cleaning your glasses:

  • Wash your hands. This helps to reduce the chances of dirt scratching the lenses
  • When cleaning, hold your frame at the bridge or the edges of the lenses to avoid too much stress on the frame
  • Either use our convenient lens cleaning spray OR cold water and a drop of hand liquid soap to help remove grease from the lenses
  • Rinse off with cold water and wipe dry with a soft tissue
  • Finally, give your lenses a polish with our Canon Street Optometrist cleaning cloth

Remember to wash your cloth regularly to prevent smearing; this can go through the washing machine with your clothes

We’re always available to guide you through the process, or simply come on in and we’ll give your frame and lenses a complimentary WoF!


Clare Coventry

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