How Teenagers Can Benefit from Wearing Contact Lenses

Let’s be honest, being a teenager is hard. Pressures with school, exams, sports, after-school jobs, parents who won’t stop nagging (why is it such a surprise that teens still have to brush their teeth and get dressed every day?!). The last thing teens want to be worrying about is their vision and how wearing glasses may contribute further to them being self-conscious about their looks.

Not to worry! Here at Canon Street Optometrists, we have highly trained, motivated, and empathetic optometrists and dispensing opticians who can not only examine your teen’s eyes and test their vision and eye health, but also recommend the right set of contact lenses (if appropriate).

Contact lenses aren’t just great for helping kids fit in with their peers, they have other benefits, too. No more worrying about breaking their glasses or having them fog up or slip off while playing they’re playing sport; or for those who forego their glasses altogether while playing sport – imagine being able to see clearly – game changer!

Your teen will also have access to a wider range of sunglasses at a less expensive price point than prescription sunglasses. This way they can save up their pocket money for more important things, like phone credit or sparkly, impractical things from KMart. From a practical point (here’s looking at you, parents), it’s also good to know that their eyes will be protected against the sun’s damaging UV radiation when they’re wearing sunglasses.

Studies indicate that children as young as 8 years old are capable of wearing contact lenses, however you may want to consider your teen’s ability and motivation when it comes to caring for their lenses properly. Perhaps contemplate how good they are at handling other responsibilities – their attention to their personal hygiene is a great indicator of contact lens readiness!

Why not contact us to see if contact lenses could be an option for your teen? With so many options available, we’re sure to find the right fit for your teen.


Clare Coventry

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