Finding the perfect frame is a high priority!

Not only does it need to look fantastic (it is a fashion item after all) it also needs to suit your visual needs and fit correctly. At Canon Street Optometrists the team is fully trained to help you select the right frame, for the right reasons. Frame selection is something we take a lot of pride in – we want you leaving the practice feeling confident, daring, delighted – and we will make it fun!

Shapes, colours, materials and designs are constantly changing, and if we don’t have the right frame on the shelf we will go out and find it for you. Feel free to visit us anytime and chat with us about what you would like, or let us make some helpful suggestions – either way you will be delighted!

We are framing the windows of your soul, so visit Canon Street Optometrists and you will leave believing that vision never goes out of style!

Below we have handpicked our favourite models from each range of frames – we also have a whole lot more in the store – visit anytime!

Prices start from only $249!

Albert I’mStein

This emerging eyewear brand originates from Poland and is manufactured using high-quality materials in Korea. Their designs feature original shapes with great colour combinations. By mixing the main elements of acetate and titanium, Albert I’mStein has managed to produce some truly fresh and stylish pieces.

One of the things we love most about Albert I’mStein is their willingness to flirt with colours that very few eyewear brands would dare to mix together. But they blend so well and provide the wearer with bold statement eyewear that definitely stands out from the crowd. Each and every piece in their collection is fun and unique.

Albert I’mStein wants their customers to feel bold, unique, and confident when wearing their eyeglasses. They describe their collections as witty and fun, and we couldn’t agree more. To some, their collection may sit on the fringes of outrageous, but the experience of wearing their eyewear is nothing but joyful.

Anne Et Valentin – Frames

Structured by metal and softened with plastic, the focal point of this series is its association of materials, equaled only by its association of subtle colours.
Its the chameleon of the eyewear world, adapting to all personalities.
Clean and gentle lines become chic and cheery in certain subtle colours. These original and bold frames make for a challenging and completely unique line that anticipates a clientele of eclectic tastes, interested in style, yes, but also in substance.


To develop their first complete collection of sunglasses and optical eyewear this year, Barkers looked inwards at the classic tailoring, high quality materials and effortless style of their own heritage, and then looked outwards for a global expert who could match those design imperatives.


The focus of Bellinger is to make a statement and leave a lasting impression. Inspired to be refreshing and innovative, Bellinger frames will always have that extra flavor that makes the brand interesting. The fun shapes, the unique color combinations, the fine details, or the precision cuttings – these are all things that make Bellinger stand out.


Japanese titanium, Italian talent.

It all starts with a titanium slab. But not any old titanium – it has to be the purest in the world.

Faced with a slab of titanium most people just see the metal, but the team at Blackfin can glimpse the soul of their eyewear. Blackfin want to create the best titanium frames, therefore there can be no compromise on quality.

Titanium is the heart around which they build their products. It is a truly special material with unique features, suitable for the realization of optical frames. A frame made of titanium is 48% lighter than a similar one made of the more common nickel / silver. The high mechanic performance, together with the lightness, make titanium the material with the best mechanical strength / weight ratio.


Everybody can be so Dutz!

The Dutz collection targets men and women of all ages. Dutz has paid special attention to those with large and small faces who have difficulty finding a frame that fits. Meeting the needs of those that require a larger or smaller size, yet do not want to compromise on design.

Face à Face

Face à Face frames are hand made in France.

Face à Face glasses grew out of a passion for architecture shared by a small group of eyewear enthusiasts. The creator of the original concept behind the collection dreamt of giving eyewear the power to reflect the character of the person wearing it. Face à Face was designed to reveal the sense of the modern that’s in all of us. They felt that nothing could reflect the look that makes each of us what we are, better than our own eyes.

Like an architect, Face à Face works with volumes, shapes, materials, colours and textures to give its glasses the power to express the personality of their wearer, whether that be bold, carefree, energetic, independent or even seductive. Each new collection is preceded by a research and design stage, resulting in new styles enhanced by innovative concepts and incorporating the latest in fashion.


Make the difference.

Garrett Leight

Hand finished in Los Angeles.

GLCO uses the most exclusive, highest quality materials from the best suppliers in the industry who have hundreds
of years of experience. All of their frames are designed at their studio in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

For their frames, they source cured acetate and high quality metals from leading suppliers in Japan, Italy, and China.

Their lenses are made of mineral glass and scratch resistant CR-39 plastic, with reflective coating and other treatments for best eye protection, clarity, and visual acuity.

Their manufacturing processes exemplify cutting edge technology, attention to detail, and skilled hand detailing.


Ninety years of experience, unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and strong family values – all backed by a name you can depend on: Lafont. Glasses made in France that have made Parisian chic accessible.

Nano Vista

NANO eyewear frames for kids, toddlers, and babies can be adapted to all uses with changeable temples, or switched to wear as a headband. School and play: for use in the classroom to a rugged free time energy burst in the playground. Unbreakable eyeglasses and frames made from our exclusive, patented and safe Siliflex™ silicon material for maximum comfort, flexibilty and resistence. The best investment in infant and children’s eyewear.

These incredible frames also come with a two year warranty, almost no questions asked. Some have glow in the dark temples, some have removable temples with sports bands, and some have sun clips. Great value, durable and kids love them! There are no screws, they’re fully flexible, and come in really cool colours.

NOS Eyewear

The Nos Eyewear collection makes use of an unconventional metal profile embellished by exclusive processing. It is combined, through an extraordinary layered effect, with the crystalline transparency of acetate to create sophisticated combinations of textures and colors. The blend and alternation of the two materials, the pride of Nos eyewear, give life to a unique and sophisticated design based on a technique of unmatched quality.
The steel structure with nylon thread also makes the frame light and resistant; the ergonomic temple tips feature increased thickness to balance the weight of the eyewear and provide maximum comfort; the hinge screws are coated with Teflon to prevent unscrewing. All strictly 100% Made in Italy.

Oakley – Frames

Oakley® prescription eyeglasses are engineered with premium performance materials, innovative technologies and iconic designs.

Live your passions with Oakley.

Paul and Joe

One of the hottest brands in France where the brand is sourced. Paul and Joe is all about style. Some are a modern interpretation of the retro look but mostly Paul and Joe have a modern look of their own. The styles are made of acetate plastic in the main but more fine line metal styles are coming into vogue. Soft colours, soft lines, very French and very beautiful.


Prodesign—a company that celebrates creative seriousness.

Prodesign dares to let the unmistakably Danish sense of relaxed humour shine through everything. Always aimed at following the latest trends in fashion at a very early stage, the company’s products represent genuine Danish Design in terms of high quality and pure style. Featuring frames in titanium, metal and acetate, Prodesign’s collections are accented with striking designs, innovative materials, and vibrant colours.

Prodesign is not afraid to push the limits when it comes to creativity. The company has always been known to emphasise colours in particular, and believes strongly in the current trend of colour and contrast. The expression value of the products is always visible yet never overstated, bearing in mind that a frame can be expressive without being dramatic.


Beauty based on harmony and self-confident individuality.

Silhouette eyewear creates perfect unity with the wearer and as a result, allows the wearer’s individual beauty and strong personality to shine. The most demanding requirements in terms of design and quality combine with the demand to bring the world closer to the wearer. Silhouette is a brand for people who remain true to themselves and their style.

With its Austrian-made eyewear, the company has been setting benchmarks for style, comfort and material since 1964. The design is limitless and constantly surprising, whilst simultaneously being distinctive and unique. Consistent clarity and weightlessness – a timeless statement. Authentic eyewear for authentic people.



At the highest level, TITANFLEX combines wearing comfort with toughness, a low weight with modern design, and quality with understatement – a first choice for spectacle wearers with high expectations.

TITANFLEX eyewear delivers exceptional comfort!

TREE Spectacles

Luxury and design eyewear.

Contemporaneous and timeless.

An avant-garde and minimalistic brand.


Made in Italy from Italian materials!

Vanni is true Italian optical craftsmanship. It’s all about colour, style and finishing for both women and men.

From Turin, Vanni eyeglasses have been setting a style, an elegance since 1990. It is Italian fashion and style but it’s a look that is equally at home in Wellington as it is in Napier.

Vanni have now released Vanni Petite – a collection of small styles for ladies who seek a certain look, but need something small or petite.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang’s exquisite taste and search for a modern approach to feminine glamour and beauty has steered her creative expression for 20 years; culminating today into one of the most prestigious, desired and trusted fashion and lifestyle brands in the world.

The eyewear is translated from Vera Wang’s fashion collection by using vintage inspired shapes, textures and jewelry motifs.

Swarovski has been the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1895. It is recognized for its innovative excellence and its collaborations with top-class designers and brands in the fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design, and lighting industries across the globe.

Woody’s Eyewear


Born to break with the mainstream and depict a world full of unique stories and characters.


WOOW is the banner for those who are not afraid to stand out and push their limits: STAND OUT, BREAK FREE, NO GENDER… concepts with strongly evocative names that will surprise people!

A quest for freedom and the spirit of offbeat chic permeates the entire collection: pronounced shapes combined with end pieces that seem to pop out of the frame for a wider view; unexpected cut-outs invite you to broaden your field of vision… and your possibilities!

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