Contact Lenses and Solution

Why choose Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses can allow more freedom for work and many leisure activities including sports.  While there are many reasons why contact lenses may be more convenient at times, many contact lens wearers like to have the option of both contact lenses and glasses, depending on their activity for the day or evening.

Can they work for me?

To become a successful contact lens wearer you will need to have an eye examination at which your eyes and vision will be assessed and the most suitable type of lens design will be determined.  What you can expect from your contact lenses, and all the costs are discussed at this time.

Are they easy to wear?

Depending on your eye sensitivity your eyes could adjust to wearing contact lenses somewhere between a day to two weeks.  It is very important to keep to the routine outlined by your optometrist and contact them if you have any concerns.

What happens if I put them in my eyes incorrectly?

This is unlikely to harm your eyes, but you may feel a little discomfort.  You will be shown how to tell if your lenses are the correct way round before you insert them – this is very simple and should not cause any concern.

Do I still need glasses?

It is advisable to have a pair of glasses to wear as well; you may decide to remove your contacts when you get home from work, or you may still wear your glasses during the day, and keep your contacts to use in your leisure times; it is nice to have a choice!

Do I still need sunglasses?

Although some contact lenses have a UV protector included within the material you are still advised to wear your sunglasses for added protection and glare reduction.  Also remember that sunglasses protect that sensitive skin area around the eyes.

Getting started – what you need to do

Contact the team at Canon Street Optometrists and we will schedule a suitable appointment.  There is a chance you will leave the practice on the day wearing contact lenses!