What is a Dispensing Optician?

What is a Dispensing Optician?
16 November 2020
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A Dispensing Optician plays an important support role to both the optometrists and our customers. It is the Dispensing Opticians' role to interpret the prescription and transform it into sensational eyewear which will give you - the client - the ultimate vision and comfort.

In New Zealand, the training is an intensive three year qualification studied extramurally while simultaniously working in a practice. Four practical blocks are held in Auckland.

The role is variable from each day to each client, including frame and lens selection, and all after-purchase service and care. The most important aspect of their role, however, is the interpretation of clients' needs and lifestyle, and the ability to provide the best option available to them.

Our Practice Manager and Dispensing Optician, Vanessa Cumming, qualified with distinction and registered in 2006, but has been in the optics industry since 1989.

Our most recently qualified Dispensing Optician, Roslyn Iongi, has been in optics since 2015.

Don't hesitate to visit Canon Street Optometrists for the best dispensing advice for any of your visual and fashion needs. Your frame says a lot about who you are but we also want to give you the absolute best vision!

Vanessa Cumming

Vanessa Cumming

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