Ortho K – Reshaping the Future

Ortho K – Reshaping the Future

You may or may not have heard a few new buzz words floating around in the optometry world: Ortho K being one of them. No, it’s not a new department store, it’s the only non-surgical way to allow clear corrected vision without the use of contact lenses throughout the day.

Pretty nifty, eh? Studies* in Ortho K, or Ortho Keratology for those brave enough to give that mouthful a try, have shown its effectiveness in reducing the progression of nearsightedness in children. Aimed at those with myopia (nearsightedness), the overnight custom-made contact lenses help to reduce myopic progression (by gently reshaping the cornea), which is measured by how much the eye grows in length (axial length). The cases studied showed a significant reduction in progression with their axial length. Awesome news for myopic patients!

Wearing the Ortho K lenses overnight means that they’re doing all the hard work for you while you sleep - no more contact lenses or prescription glasses during the day!

The process of fitting these custom-made lenses is initially quite intensive and will last for about six months – it’s something you want done right the first time, so bear with us while we get it absolutely perfect for you!

For most people, 70% of the reshaping is obtained during the first week, and 100% within 21 days – the payoff is easy to see (see what we did there).

It may be necessary to make some alterations throughout the process, thus there is a need for regular checks during the fitting process.

Why not ask us about a FREE 15 minute consultation with one of our optometrists to see if this treatment is suitable for you?


*High Myopia – Partial Reduction Orthokeratology (HM-PRO)

Clare Coventry

Clare Coventry

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