Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised Sunglasses
05 July 2017 Sun Glasses
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Everyone talks about polarised sunglasses - but why are they better than normal sunglasses?

Polarised light consists of a concentration of light waves moving in the same direction and along the same plane. If you can imagine a wave and how it can move and vibrate in many directions - polarised glare is caused by light waves vibrating horizontally.

By wearing polarised sunglasses, they can neutralise and block the horizontal reflection of light like venetian blinds and the glare from these UV rays will be muted significantly.

There are many benefits from wearing polarised sunglasses as it can reduce eye fatigue, headaches, and temporary blindness which could lead to collisions or injuries.

Here are five reasons you should try them:

1. Pure colours

Colours look vibrant and sharp

2. Powerful anti-glare

Say goodbye to squinting!

3. Clarity

You can see the finer details that you would normally miss

4. Total UVA / UVB protection

Get 100% protection from these harmful UV rays

5. Removes glare from water

Those fish won't see you coming, but you'll be able to see them as clear as day - it hardly seems fair!

Feel free to come in any time and try on some polarised sunglasses to see the incredible difference they can make!

Clare Coventry

Clare Coventry

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