10 Great Reasons to Wear Contact Lenses

March 2022
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They let the world see the real you

The most popular reason for choosing contact lenses is that they correct your vision invisibly. So the world sees your natural appearance and your eyes are not made to look larger or smaller than they really are.

They let you see the world as it really is

Because they rest on your eyes, contact lenses do not create or alter the size or shape of anything you look at.

They let you see without any restrictions to your field of view

Contact lenses have no obstructions to your peripheral (side) vision; especially useful when playing sport or driving.

Multifocal contact lenses allow you to see any distance at any angle

By using a principle known as simultaneous vision, multifocal contact lenses allow you to see clearly up close at eye level or higher, by simply moving your eyes.

They provide great vision, whatever the weather

Contact lenses do not collect raindrops, steam up or smudge. And yes, you can cry as much as you like!

They let you do (almost) anything without hindrance

Almost any sporting or recreational activity is easier wearing contact lenses. They don’t fall off or fall out.

They never hurt your ears or your nose

No spectacle frame pressure points means no pain!

Daily disposables are the ultimate in low maintenance

Apart from their superb hygiene aspects, daily disposable lenses require zero maintenance. Simply remove and discard. Start each day with a fresh new pair.

They let you enjoy the very latest in sunglass fashion and technology

Contemporary sunglasses give outstanding performance and great style: the perfect companion to contact lenses.

They are very economical

Contact lenses represent great value for clear, comfortable and convenient vision.


Clare Coventry

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